Level 4 – Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Specialty Intensives

Specialty Intensives will be offered yearly on Vancouver Island, Canada in the form of 25hr weekend specialty intensives. These specialty workshops may also be attended by people not in the training who have the interest and understanding to participate at an informed level. 

In the seaside town of Nanaimo., looking east over the ocean from the tranquil Island Yoga Vista studio, starting in the fall of 2020 this will be a series of weekend workshops throughout the year.  At this point you will be encouraged to continue to specialize in your interest area. Each workshop is 25 hours of credit towards the full 1000 hours required to be a Yoga Therapist

To meet the IAYT standards for the Professional Yoga Therapist you are required to have 800 hours of training after your 200 hour foundation program for a total of 1000 hours.


Workshop / Intensive Topics

-Ayurveda Aromatherapy
- Sanskrit
- Patanjalis Yoga Sutras
- Homeopathy
- Steven Cox 8 Point Pulse Theory
- Steven Cox 8 Point Pulse Gemstone Therapy
- Vedanta
- Advanced Applied Anatomy
- Marma Therapy
- Deepening Asanas
- Mudras for Healing
- Holistic Nutrition & Food Preparation
- Ayurveda Cooking
- Ayurveda Herbology
- Yoga for Your Home - Vastu Shastra
- Working with Rehabilitation, Mental Illness and Addictions
- Soma Yoga-  Yoga for pain management

The 1000hour program must be completed within five years. What that means is after you have completed the Foundation (200 hr therapeutic Yoga) program you may continue working with just this training. Once you begin your further studies beyond this level you have five years to complete the additional 800 hours.

Highly recommended trainings

Integrative Yoga Therapy
-Mudras for Healing and Transformation 65 hours
-10 other modules from IYT each 65 hours
Chakrapani Ayurveda & Research Centre up to 200 hours
- Ayurvedic Practitioner


Ongoing training after this point is encouraged, additional workshops will develop over time. Graduates may be involved as mentors and guest speakers in the program as well as workshop leaders.

IAYT 1000 Hour Standard for Professional Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist

200 hr IYV Therapeutic Yoga - Integrative Yoga Therapy
350 hr PAYTA - Apprenticeship (Nanaimo)
450 hr PAYTA - Experienced Apprentice (Jaipur)
25 hr PAYTA - Specialty Intensives


Contact Sandra  yogavista@shaw.ca