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Program Outline

Island Yoga Vista has an extensive multi level Yoga training program. Our RYT 200 Therapeutic Yoga Training comes from Integrative Yoga Therapy and provides a strong foundation for our RYT550hr Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Consultant certification. The first two levels of the training are offered yearly in nanaimo British Columbia Canada. Advanced training as Spa Specialist is available for those wishing to study in India with us. Our trainings are registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance as well as the US Yoga Alliance and are Internationally recognized.

Level 1

200 hour  Yoga Therapeutic Teacher Training
One weekend per month for nine months in Nanaimo

Level 2

550hr Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Consultant
10 Modules over a year Nanaimo & Practicum

Level 3

850hr Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Consultant - Spa Specialist
One month in India & Practicum  

Students from other 200hr. trainings may apply RYT559hr

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What this training Can Do For You
About Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Consultant Certification
Career Training
What this training Can Do For You

The 550hour level of the Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Consultant will:

  • Enrich your training as a Yoga Professional with components of Classical Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda.
  • Make practical use of the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda to enrich the lives of others, as well as your own.
  • Bring the timeless tools of Yoga and wisdom of Ayurveda to people unable to attend a regular yoga class.
  • Introduce you to the principles and practices of Yoga Therapy
  • Explore the cycles of stress and imbalance and learn methods to transform them towards a sense of oneness and unity.
  • Grant you an exceptional opportunity to study under the tutelage of a respected Ayurvedic Doctor from a traditional clinic in Jaipur, India.
  • Allow for a small group (max 8) learning environment with a seasoned teacher.
  • Give you a space to retreat from your daily life and immerse yourself in these teachings in a spiritual environment.
  • Give you time between modules to assimilate the information over a year’s time, staying connected with the instructor and the other students.
  • Give you the opportunity to stay connected with a growing community and perhaps join us in India next year after this level is done, as we move on to the 450-hour!
About Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Consultant Certification

Island Yoga Vista is well established in the blending of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy, with over 20 years of service offering Ayurveda Yoga Therapy programs and sessions as well as teaching classical yoga classes. The purpose of this training is to make this broader perspective of yoga available through a traditional apprenticeship style of training., thereby expanding this ancient knowledge to people who may not be able to attend a regular yoga class for various reasons.

This program grew out of an inspired vision based on trainings in Integrative Yoga Therapy, Bihar School of  Yoga and Chakrapani Ayurveda to create a unique offering focused on equipping individuals thoroughly with these timeless skills and offering lifelong mentorship and support. It began with a group of 6 apprentices all committed to serving their local communities as well as continuing their own evolutionary growth under the guidance of Sandra Sagarmurti Shotton.

Sandra has been a member of the Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists since 1997. Island Yoga Vista is a Member School of the IAYT and fully supports the newest educational standards for Yoga Therapists. The process is underway for IYV to be accepted as an accredited school.


Island Yoga Vista was founded in 1997 by Sandra Sagarmurti Shotton, a trained Yoga Therapist from Integrative Yoga Therapy, a pioneer in the growing profession of Yoga Therapy. Sandra’s rich history including training in Ayurveda, as well as her thousands of hours of Yoga teaching experience while operating her own yoga studio, give her the foundation and experience to mentor others through this Apprenticeship.

This Apprenticeship program was established at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2013. Graduates are working in, or developing programs in, areas such as Yoga for Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Addictions, Yoga for Respiratory Challenges, Soma Yoga, Yoga for Digestive Disorders, pre Natal Yoga, Yoga for Autistic children and other areas. As our graduates develop their skills and programs they are also teaching in the PAYTA program. Currently we have a ‘Visiting Faculty ‘of ten professionals, each with decades of experience in their areas of expertise who are involved throughout the training.

Career Training

Clearly in our time yoga is taking its role in mainstream society as the culture of tomorrow, closely followed by Ayurveda and Vastu Shastra. Yoga as therapy and career training emerges as a strong force alongside these cultural shifts completing the perspective. We need well trained individuals to bring the fullness of these ancient sciences into service.

This training equips the student to apply the teachings in a wide variety of settings. Students are encouraged to draw from their own rich backgrounds and interests, to find a niche that supports their dharma or purpose in life, an interest area that will serve others at the same time as offering an avenue for the full expression of their skills, training, aptitude and interests. Areas that we have served include health challenges such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, back pain, addiction and mental health. We have offered wellness programs for pre and post natal yoga, yoga for children, digestion challenges, sleep disorders and much more. The possibilities are without limit. There is a strong emphasis on building the skills to work with individuals in one to one settings for a rewarding and effective career.

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Combining Yoga and Ayurveda in their full applications (Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Consultant) and in the greater context of Vedic science offers a complete system of well-being for body, mind and consciousness, such as perhaps has no parallel anywhere else in the world. It can become the prime force of planetary healing that is so desperately needed today. It can add a spiritual and preventive dimension to modern medicine as well as adding important new keys for the understanding of disease and for applying natural therapies that can reduce the growing cost of high tech medicine.

- Dr. Frawley


Year 1

"Profound. . .really, words are inadequate"

I have noticed (while doing this program) that I am continually humbled by how much I have to learn and amazed at just how beautiful 'I' am!! I have a whole new sense of ease on my body and mind. I am much more mindful of my tendencies, habits, words, actions. I have more of a sense of the importance in honouring the seasons, the kleshas, the food. The devotional aspect of my practice has become more meaningful to me."

"I am actively simplifying my life. . . "

"This has been a positive, enhanced learning experience. . . great faculty."

"Thank you for your teachings Sandra!"

" I am feeling more grounded in my confidence to do this work."


Year 2

"I would absolutely recommend this program to other people."

"This is an extremely powerful learning format. The way you hold space feels both encouraging and leads towards self reflection and responsibility."

"Great week Sandra. . Thank you so much!"


"I feel enriched and encouraged to make the practices my own and to be able to take them to my community. I am learning so much and appreciate all your knowledge, efforts and energy Sagarmurti, to make this a complete, positive and well-rounded program."

"I was surprised personally about how powerful the mudras are."

"...the most beneficial aspect of this module for me was to understand yoga as therapy. I also liked learning the chair yoga and the talk on Vedanta helped to broaden my understanding."

Year 3

“Being part of this (PAYTA) Apprenticeship is an honour. I am very excited about this path. I deeply appreciate your teaching style and am deeply grateful to be part of this group. This has been a very positive and powerful experience for me.”

“Excellent content, materials and speakers."

“I have great trust in your direction for this venture (PAYTA ), and the teachers reaching out to support this curriculum are a testament to how loved you are by your community. Thank you for extending your community to me!”

“I have a strong interest in both hatha yoga and ayurveda. I knew the moment I heard about this offering that it was for me, and when I met Sandra I was completely sure. I am healing my body, mind and spirit and the environment is safe, intelligent and productive. I have already recommended this program (PAYTA) to many.”

“I feel so grateful for this rare and precious opportunity (PAYTA). What a Gift!"

“Huge learning and great for my physical health.”