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Vastu Shastra: The Architecture of Prosperity & Health


Vastu Shastra  ( the original feng shui) is the Science of Building and Architecture, a sister science of Yoga and Ayurveda which offers ancient Vedic methods to harmonize your home or business (without the costly renovations). It brings the energy into alignment with the forces of nature.

When the spirit of a home is honoured and enlivened using the methods of Vastu, it affects the energy of all who enter — as well as the health, prosperity, spiritual wellbeing and relationships of those who live there.  Vastu Shastra, like Yoga and Ayurveda, are true gifts to this world that we may all benefit from easily and naturally.

The original “green” building science, Vastu Shastra consultations are now available in British Columbia.  Sandra Sagarmurti Shotton is certified with The American Institute of Vastu Shastra, under the guidance of Michael Mastro, Architect & Vastu Consultant.

E-mail Sandra Sagarmurti Shotton for a complimentary estimate on your home or business. Or call her at 250-754-0939.

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