positive feedback

” My experience ( of the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training) has been interesting overall, I would say that I have experienced many positive changes in my life with the use of Yoga and the philosophy. Over the last month, during the course of the program, I noticed myself feeling more joy and happiness.  I am open to change more now so situations that once were buried are now open to surface and be accepted. I am more grounded and understanding, I could not say that with the same amount of confidence before this training.”


BRITTANY SANDDAR, Nanaimo, 200hr YTT Graduate


” This training was intense, challenging, stimulating and rewarding. It also was well adapted to the needs of the group and flowed with a nice balance of activities and lectures. It was a life changing learning experience. “

TAMARAH NEY, Clinical Counsellor, Nanaimo (200hr YTT Graduate)


“The most beneficial aspect of the PAYTA program for me is Sandra’s ability to create a sense of community and a safe space to share thoughts and ideas, as well as her knowledge and humbleness as a teacher and mentor.”

KIM MOSIUK , Koi Yoga & Ayurveda, Nanaimo (PAYTA Apprenticeship)


” I feel enriched and encouraged to make the practices my own and to be able to take them to my community. I am learning a lot and see how much more there is (PAYTA). . .I appreciate all your knowledge, efforts and energy Sagarmurti to make this a complete and well rounded program. Great choice of visiting faculty also!”

-REGINA PFEIFER, Yellowknife, NWT (PAYTA Apprenticeship)


“I have great trust in your direction for this venture (PAYTA ), and the teachers reaching out to support this curriculum are a testament to how loved you are by your community.  Thank you for extending your community to me!”

-WENDY ANTHONY,  Nanaimo, BC (PAYTA Apprenticeship)


“I have enjoyed being immersed in the culture of yoga. The course content (PAYTA) has been very thorough, positive  and well laid out.”

 – CATHIE GRIFFITHS, Nanaimo, BC (PAYTA Apprenticeship)


“I have a strong interest in both hatha yoga and ayurveda. I knew the moment I heard about this offering that it was for me, and when I met Sandra I was completely sure. I am healing my body, mind and spirit and the environment is safe, intelligent and productive.  I have already recommended this program  (PAYTA) to many.”

– AERIN YOUNG, Salt Spring Island, BC (PAYTA Apprenticeship)


“This program is a beautiful vehicle for my journey. Sometimes I am busy, wrapped up in looking at all the new scenery, sights unseen previously, that I forget about the beautiful carriage that is holding me and the person who is the skillful driver, a fabulous guide.  I trust the path you choose Sandra.”

-WENDY ANTHONY (PAYTA Apprenticeship Module 7 2014)


“Sandra is a superb instructor; very experienced and a wonderful presence in the class…I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to begin a journey to healthiness and happiness…The Ayurvedic way leads one to a place of balance and peace, where your body and mind are in harmony with itself and the world that surrounds you.”



“Sandra’s faith in the inherent goodness of life is reflected in her way of being with others, and in turn, when I am with her I am reminded of the great wonder of the world and my journey in it.” 



“Sandra leads us in a journey towards wellness and harmony with her gentle and very precise instructions and recommendations in yoga asanas, breathing, daily routine and lifestyle changes for better health at all levels. She makes it all so easy and attainable, always respectful of our limitations and choices. A change for life! “



“On the advice of my physician, I began to see Sandra Shotton to address a variety of health problems through yoga. I feel that Sandra and yoga have been instrumental in regaining my sense of balance and well-being.” 



 “It was very enjoyable and comfortable to participate in Sandra’s Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy classes…I appreciated how each class is well planned, and each built on the previous one…The exercises were pleasantly simple, relaxing and energizing. They are something I now incorporate into my daily life as a senior for healthful living. There is definitely a feeling of well- being because nourishment is given for mind, body, and spirit connection for healing.” 



“…Sandra was the first teacher who taught me that Yoga is not just done simply for physical exercise, but also for cleansing the mind, so that your true self (soul) can be reached. Her knowledge of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s is incorporated into every class with lessons on the different Petals of Yoga. Lessons on the Yamas (living with true ethics) and Niyamas (self-purifications), as well as pranayama techniques (breathing exercises), and pratyahara (sense control/withdrawal exercises). Each week I learn something new from her class. She has a great way of applying these old teachings into a very new practical way and positive , so that everyone can relate to or understand the different Sutras or teachings…Sandra is one of the most compassionate people I have met and I believe this is the most important quality that everyone should try to live by. I would recommend anyone young or old to attend one of Sandra’s classes because she has made such a significant impact in my life, and I hope that everyone can experience the beautiful teachings of Yoga.”



 “I love my weekly yoga class! I like the welcoming atmosphere where I can learn about the philosophy and psychology of yoga, along with the asanas and pranayama. Practicing with Sandra once a week helps me to take care of myself, thus helping me to live a more balanced  and positive life!” 



I was introduced to Sandra by a friend who is building a house, she mentioned to me how the cardinal directions affect the way a house is situated but that in a house that is already built Sandra can assess what needs to be done to ensure the energy is flowing through the house – without structural changes.  My husband was skeptical and only going along to appease me.  A few days after Sandra did this exercise to our house he said to me – the house feels different, I feel different.  We have lived in this house for 23 years and almost daily he has wanted to sell, move , build – just anything to leave.  After having Sandra complete the exercises he has stopped talking of moving.  We both found Sandra, professional, extremely knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate.  I would definitely say the benefit of having this (VASTU) work done far outweighs the cost.



I found the vastu to be quite useful so far and I enjoyed doing the chanting with you on that day and making my alter. Doing the chanting brought an energy into the house that felt full and nurturing.  I would like to continue this.   The boat was moved within the week without us asking. We both have received gifts since of vehicles. I am slowly putting in the recommendations you had suggested. Trying to keep up with the clutter, which I can feel is a block for sure. I think once we put more of your recommendations in place it will feel great.  Al had some difficulty with comfort doing the chanting, but is on board with the recommendations.  

Feel free to use any of this for testimony if you desire. 

SUSAN PAYNE, Ladysmith


Hi Sandra

Been meaning to email you, your bell is at the salon.

Things feel WONDERFUL, I have been telling everyone about you.  Really it just feels like I have someone on my side now.

Many many thanks.

I ordered the 9 planet harmonizer, thank you.




Dear Sandra

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the Vastu consultation you did for my business and the building I rent. The energy immediately felt better and continues to improve.  This has been a very positive experience. I am following all your recommendations one by one and with each I notice the energy improve. I actually feel supported and have a renewed sense of confidence and lightness. My personal energy and outlook has improved and all the staff and practitioners as well as clients have noticed the “lighter’ feeling in the salon.

The  report you gave me is helpful and very informative, I refer to it often. You were a pleasure to work with and I appreciate your high level of competency, your sharing of your knowledge freely and your willingess to ask your peers for suggestions, just as you did for the  house in progress and property. I felt that property working to support me as soon as you began your work on it.

I also have to tell you something remarkable…since working with these principles it seems that every time I meet with a “problem”, the ease in which it is resolved is too consistent to ignore, particularly since it seemed quite the opposite before your assistance.

Something you said in your report has really made a impact on me….”Trust the space completely to support you, treat it like a good friend”

Thanks again Sandra, it has truly been an honour and a pleasure working with you.



Elements Holistic Centre & Spa


When Sandra was looking at geo pathic stress on my property during my vastu shastra session, she found that a large ant hill was located on one of the lines. This hill seemed to dissolve in the winter but was built up larger every spring. This was the third year and I had been reluctant to use pesticides. Ants and some other insects are attracted to geo pathic stress areas. When she eliminated the stress with simple copper vastu “staples” we were hoping that the ants would move. At that time the hill was teeming with orange and black ants. Approximately two months later the nest was deserted. I loved the feel of my home after the session so the moving of the ants was really an added bonus.