A Rich History

Island Yoga Vista was founded in 1997 by Sandra Sagarmurti Shotton, a trained Yoga Therapist from Integrative Yoga Therapy, a pioneer in the growing profession of Yoga Therapy.  Sandra’s rich history includes training in Ayurveda, as well as her thousands of hours of Yoga teaching experience while operating her own yoga studio, this gives her the foundation and experience to mentor others through the PAYTA Apprenticeship.  This Apprenticeship program was established at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2013.   Graduates are already working in, or developing programs in, areas such as Yoga for Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Addictions, Yoga for Respiratory Challenges, Soma Yoga, Yoga for Digestive Disorders, pre Natal Yoga, Yoga for Autistic children and other areas.  As our graduates develop their skills and programs they are also teaching in the PAYTA program.  Currently we have a ‘Visiting Faculty ‘of ten professionals, each with decades of experience in their areas of expertise who are involved throughout the training.

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