vastu shastra – the science of building

Get rid of the stress in your life through Vastu

By Robin Mastro

For more than 40 combined years, my husband, Michael, and I have been scholars and practitioners of Vastu Shastra. Vastu is where the popular Feng Shui came from, pre-dating it by several thousand years. The great seers and teachers of India spent their lives observing the workings of the universe, focusing on how an environment, especially where you live and work, influences your daily life and either supports or hinders your health, happiness, relationships, personal growth, and more. Vastu Shastra, which in Sanskrit means “the science of building”, explains how in nature, all five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) are in perfect balance but when a building is constructed, that balance gets disrupted in a variety of ways. This disruption can have enormous impact on your ability to function optimally, think clearly, be productive and successful, and be happy.

You’ve probably walked into a home or office that just didn’t feel right to you. You might even call it bad vibes. There’s a reason for this: what you felt was the stress contained in the environment surrounding you. Vastu is the science that explains why this is so and remedies the stress, bringing you and the environment into harmony. Applying this ancient architectural science can give you more control over your destiny.

Energy & Vibration

At a basic level, everything in the universe is energy and vibration, all interconnected in a continuous, shifting and balancing act. When any structure is built, the universal balance becomes disrupted – the structure can be a house, skyscraper or even an office cubicle. When you move into the structure, over time, you may experience a litany of complaints including insomnia, inability to think clearly and feel productive, increased anger between family members, children with reoccurring illnesses, divorce, and more.

Consider how a chiropractor helps a patient once their spine is adjusted. After an adjustment, there is more flexibility in the body and the internal organs receive more energy when the areas of impingement are reduced. Vastu has the power to open up or “adjust” the environmental energy systems in your home or office by eliminating stress in much the same way. When this environmental energy is blocked your personal energy is also blocked, which prevents you from being as happy as you can be. With the Vastu that Michael does, there are no structural changes made to the physical space as in when you remodel a home. Everything is done using ancient technology, which is non-invasive, yet extremely effective. All work is done by appointment in your home or workspace in about an hour.

Harmony & Peace

You will experience harmony and peace in your environment and have access to more energy after a Vastu appointment/consultation. For some people an appointment results in clearer thinking, or a greater sense of physical of well-being. Clients even attest to a change in the behavior of family members, especially children, since they are the most sensitive to environmental stress. Even families with autistic children have noted improvement in their children’s behavior.

Michael is considered a master of Vastu. He has used this knowledge in working with corporate clients such as Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, World Bank, NASA, and Intel and thousands of individual clients around the world. Now, more than ever, people are realizing that stress isn’t worth the negative affect on their health, personal relationships, happiness, and productivity. Most often people think of stress as being induced by other people or situations but let’s not forget the underlying environmental stress that can affect well-being.

Practical Tips

Here are a few practical tips you can implement now to experience the power of Vastu in your life:

For anyone over the age of fifteen, it is preferable to sleep with your head against a south wall. If you can’t sleep with your head on a south wall, east or west is fine, but never north. Children under the age of fifteen should sleep with the head of their beds on an east wall.

When paying bills, or working with numbers, face north at your desk. There’s something about the magnetic energy from the north that supports financial growth and feeds left brain activities.

To enhance the success of students or adult creative work, like writing or drawing, facing east will support your ability to function with much more ease.

By implementing Vastu principles, you will think and act more in tune with nature and you’ll experience a greater sense of ease, much like swimming with the stream as opposed to swimming against it. With your body, mind, and spirit aligned to these natural forces, you will feel more peace, and contentment. What’s not to love about that?


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