Meditation dispells the Kleshas


Patanjali Yoga Sutras 2.11 – Meditation dispels the kleshas

Interpretive Translation by Joseph Le Page

When the kleshas are active they are dispelled through meditation

Commentary by Joseph Le Page – Meditation dispels the kleshas


 Meditation is…

Awareness of consciousness as the ground of being, awakened through the cultivation of clear seeing.


Life lived in real time, a moment-to-moment awareness of all that occurs in the body and mind.


Discerning clearly between the seer and the seen, between the knower and the field of knowing.


Witnessing the belief that you are limited and small, while knowing that you are the total, the whole.


Opening to feelings while knowing they’re only waves on the surface of the ocean of your true being.


Seeing life clearly for the very first time as the klesha’s colored glasses are lifted from your eyes.


Stepping back to witness your impulse to react when survival drives advise you to freeze, flee or attack.


Living a life of true free choice because the kleshas no longer speak through your voice.


Mastering time by seeing that all regrets and finish lines are only movements in the mind.


Equanimity, like the depths of the sea; resting in centered stillness as life’s storms arise and recede.


The embrace of Grace as you awake that draws you close and guides your way throughout the day.


A Deep listening to the voice of intuition that clearly reveals your life purpose and mission.


Embracing creation from the firefly’s light to the stars at night as strands in one seamless web of life.


Entering the sacred garden of your heart to embrace the Divine lover from whom you’ve never been apart.


An open space where innate freedom awakes as the spell of the kleshas gradually abates.


A life of natural simplicity as endless needs recede through the awakening of intrinsic wholeness of being.


A way of welcoming challenges that arise as spiritual practice for the purification of the mind


Being in nature with no separation left between the pulse of the earth and the flow of your breath.


Sensing suffering completely cease as the core beliefs that sustain it are finally released.


Appreciation of life’s myriad shapes and sounds while never loosing sight of their one sacred background.


A tranquil lake of absolute rest where body, mind and senses are renewed and refreshed.


A river of bliss that carries you home to dissolve into the infinite ocean of your soul.


Awakening wonder in each moment of life as an offering to the one sacred source of delight.


Breathing in synchrony with the one divine breath in absolute oneness beyond time, space and death.