Changes Bring Humility

It seems that constant change can only humble us further and teach us to trust as we hang on for the ride. Barely through the second month of 2012 now and things are settling into a new order,  it all seems divinely guided in the end.

So there have been some changes around here.  Thommas, our Tai Chi instructor left for India with no definate plans on his return, a few short emails indicate that he is thriving.   Anita, our lovable masseuse, after amazing success in our first year of the ‘Cortes Spa’,  has decided to plant that success in her own backyard and I am in full support, she will be coming down here for workshops still. Our lovely dancer, Mary Jo has moved her class to Wednesday night to accomodate growing interest so I am not left completely on my own ! Dr. Kotecha has such a busy international schedule,we were lucky he came here at all, he will be my friend for life and I know I can trust on his counsel.    This is what happens when we align with such interesting people,  living life to it’s fullest, things do change.

So this little letter is kind of a farewell to my friends and a thankyou for time well spent together, as well as a farewell to the website as it exists now.   Soon a new format and new images will reflect what is actually going on in the present here rather than glimmers of the past.  I am excited for another new beginning.

I took February to cocoon, allowing myself to live in uncertainty with no clear picture of what comes next. There were days when I wondered if I would ever know . . then one day I woke up with a completely clear vision of how I could pull all my skills together. .  Along with the clarity was the motivation and energy to carry through with the new plan. so here it comes. . . .

The Spa is no longer, no more massage or Ayurvedic Treatments, that very lovely room is now my painting studio. I have decided it is time now after 4 successful shows in my studio to get out in the world and take my paintings into the public.  This means I am going to be spending much more time painting.  There will be a second website that will showcase paintings and also my Vastu Shastra work. I know many people have no idea what Vastu is so there will be en educational component to that site as well.

This website will be dedicated to Yoga, Integrative Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda (lifestyle and counseling but no treatments.)  I will be the only yoga instructor.  I will be offering day and evening courses on Integrative Yoga Therapy for Arthritis and Integrative Yoga Therapy for Diabetes, as well as my usual class schedule.  Having worked with countless people individually with these conditions, as well as healing myself from brushes with both, I have developed a strong and effective protocol for help in eliminating these unnecessary plagues.  I feel this is the most useful offering I can make to this community at this time. I will also be offering both programs in Qualicum on Friday afternoons.

So to whomever may be reading this.. . look for a new website soon, 2 of them in fact and think of Island Yoga Vista when you think of Yoga and Ayurveda, send me your thoughts. . . . .share with me your needs.. . . .and if there is anyone who has WordPress skills call me soon!