What is Yoga?

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What is Yoga?

now you ask. . . well this is how I am understanding it so far. . .I still have lots to learn. . .

First lets establish what it is not. It is not some fitness fad, this is a science, philosophy and practice that has survived many thousands of years because it has provided tangible results to thousands of people. It is consistency and dedication to the practices and principles that bring these results.

It also is not a religion though it may well support and encourage anyones connection to their spirituality, it crosses all philosophical and theological boundaries and therefore is practiced worldwide by people from all faiths.

It is also is not an easy fix or a commodity that can be bought. This is a practice that requires work and dedication to see and feel the benefits.

Yoga is a systematic science of self discovery, with the ultimate purpose of growing towards enlightenment. Through consistent  practice the body achieves maximum health at any age, while the mind is purified and the emotions are stabilized.  These achievements however are only the beginning of what yoga offers.  It is a dynamic pathway to awareness of one’s own true self. Yoga helps to release energy blockages in the body, clear the mind, relieve stress and induce a sense of harmony.

Through this ancient art of renewal we learn to listen to our own inner guidance as well as work creatively with the classical postures and timeless instructions passed down through the ages.

Island Yoga Vista’s dynamic and graceful approach to yoga emphasizes a balance between theory and practice as well as strength and flexibility, while building endurance and developing self awareness.  Through care in alignment and attention to the breath, subtly married to the philosophy behind the practice,  we are dedicated to increasing the health and vitality of each individual, while supporting their unlimited potential as spiritual beings.

Yoga is a complete system that takes us from wherever we start to our ultimate goal . The process is systematicaaly well organized and defined by the ancient sages from long ago.  This is a way of life that offers a cultural revival of wholistic wellbeing for individuals, families and communities.

You can start anytime from wherever you are and begin to remember and experience your own wholeness.