Vastu Shastra: Yoga for Your Business

“My business is not doing very well. I love my work but there always seem to be more expenses than income which makes expanding on new ideas or even saving for the future impossible. Are there things that Vastu can do to help with this situation?”

Vastu Shastra can definitely help with this situation. Firstt though lets consider something that a wise friend told me recently. All of the external changes you make will have an impact but the biggest change must come from within. What this means is that regardless of doors and mirrors being incorrectly placed, if we hold beliefs that limit our success or thought patterns that do not support growth, or any sort of thinking that is limiting, it will eventually have to manifest in our environments and businesses as behaviors that are not supporting our growth and expansion.

On the bright side, our beliefs also override even the knarliest bad Vastu. Just recently I was in a business that had very little good Vastu going for it but the owner was an amazing young woman with so much energy and positivity, as well as tons of family and community support, that she was doing quite well. With the Vastu changes we made to the business premises I expect she will blossom into more of her natural strengths and when she does move to a better oriented location I am sure she will flourish. Yes, she does yoga.

When we do everything we can to keep our environments balanced and in harmony with nature we will experience more flow and abundance. When we keep ourselves balanced and positive through yoga and meditation our clarity of intention sets the foundation. Here are a few simple things you can alter in your business environment then see for yourself if they make a difference to your bottom line:

– no heavy objects in the Center of the room or area

– raw materials should be stored in the SW, anything you want to hang on to, long terrn stccks and bonds

– communications, conference room in the West, good place to complete transactions

– things you want to sell or to move quickly (like garbage) put in the North West

– face North at your desk for accounting

– face East for creative pursuits

-keep valuables in the North

 “ The direction from which you enter your home or office and the direction you face while preparing meals.while working at your desk, or even while sleeping will have an impact on the quality of the energy you experience during those activities.”

Michael Mastro, Vastu Architect and author of “The Way of Vastu’