A Simple 5 Day Cleanse

A Simple 5 Day Cleanse

To start the cleanse, drop dairy, wheat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, all processed foods and any foods your body does not digest easily.

First thing in the morning, after drinking a cup of warm (hot)  water, take ghee or flax oil as follows:

day 1  2tsp

day 2  4tsp

day 3  4tsp

day 4  4tsp

day 5  8tsp

Sip warm water( hot) every 15 minutes and drink 2 litre room temp water every day.

15 minutes prior to meals, take 1tsp, agni appi (frsh ginger slivers with a pinch of salt and squeeze of lime juice)

Eat only fresh cooked foods on Day 1 and Day 5

If possible eliminate all oils in/on food on Days 2-4

Eat only kichada on Days 2-4

Take one tsp triphala at bedtime every day.

Depending on body weight, take 2-3 tsp castor oil on evening of Day 5

Enjoy a warm oil self massage and hot Epsom salt bath every day

shared with permission

from Savita Leah Young

Ayurvedic Consultant and Practitioner,

Integrated Bodyworker, YTT 200hr

Amrit Dhara Ayurveda

Salt Spring Island BC.



if you are interested in longer, supervised cleanses please contact Savita directly

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