Announcement from Integrative Yoga Therapy

Dear IYT Family, 

We have some exciting and important news to share. 

 2016 is an important year in that it marks 20 years since the Integrative Yoga Therapy Program was first offered at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, MA.  These years have been a full and rich experience for the students, with consistently excellent evaluations.

 Our relationship with Kripalu has supported this outstanding experience. Kripalu is unique in that it remains true to its own tradition, upholds the highest of Yoga ethical standards and, at the same time, creates a space of openness in which various Yoga traditions can flourish.

 It is with gratitude and excitement that I write to tell you that effective this month, the Integrative Yoga Therapy training program (300- and 800-hour) will become a formal part of the curriculum of the Kripalu School of Yoga. Kripalu will assume legal ownership and stewardship of the IYT brand, and will support through a license agreement the related IYT business that Lilian and I will continue to hold. I am sharing with you here Kripalu’s announcement, which was released just today: Announcing a New Addition to Kripalu’s Curriculum.

 This integration of IYT as a Kripalu Yoga Program shows the confidence Kripalu leadership has in our signature training, thanks in large part to their observation of our approach to teaching over this extended period. This new relationship also points out Kripalu’s commitment to the development of Yoga Therapy as a whole and the recognition that Yoga Therapy is an essential facet of Yoga education.

To our current students, the news is very good: the training you have taken will be counted by Kripalu, and the IYT curriculum will not change. Joseph and Lilian Le Page will continue to teach in the program for the next 3 years.

This integration with Kripalu will have tremendous benefits for all students of Integrative Yoga therapy: 

  • Students will now have the possibility of utilizing some Kripalu programs toward their overall Integrative Yoga Therapy Certification.
  • The 800-hour program, which is currently the gold standard for Yoga Therapy, takes on even more relevance with the support of one of America’s leading Yoga Institutions.
  • IYT and Kripalu together have the capacity to fulfill the potential that Yoga Therapy has to develop into a recognized profession.
  • The integration of IYT within the Kripalu family further deepens and broadens our extensive reach with leaders and leading institutions within the Yoga Therapy field. 

IYT’s collaboration with Kripalu will be further strengthened through the upcoming programs at Kripalu: Yoga Therapy Applied in Medical Settings and Yoga Therapy applications within the Mental Health Field in Mental in which many of the leaders in the field will present including Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, one of India’s leading Yoga Therapists. These programs underscore IYT’s commitment to provide the very highest standard of educational excellence in Yoga Therapy, through deepening our connection to leaders in the field from all traditions.


IYT has grown steadily these last decades to become one of the country’s best known Yoga Therapy schools. The Healthy Heart Program has become an integral part of the health system near the Enchanted Mountain Yoga Center in Brazil. Joseph & Lilian’s two-year project to document the work of the major Yoga Therapy institutes in India provides a valuable resource and allows students to connect with the heart and essence of Yoga Therapy. Joseph and Lilian are now in the process of opening a Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy Clinic at Enchanted Mountain.

 Lilian and I look forward to guiding the Integrative Yoga Therapy Training Program into the next step of this on-going journey supporting all beings toward healing.


~Joseph Le Page

Ushas Mudra

“I greet each new day as a mystery

To be lived fully and joyfully.”


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Dawn of a New Day

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – Chapter I Verse 35

Let Life Touch You 

Interpretative translation by Joseph Le Page

Vishayavati va pravritti utpanna manasah sthiti nibandhani

1.35 Awareness of the process of sensory experiencing, when done in a way that leads towards higher, subtle sense perception, instills tranquility of the mind.

*  vishayavati = of the sensing experience

*  va = or (or the practice of Yoga is also cultivated by)

*  pravritti = higher perception, activity, inclinations

*  utpanna = arising, appearing, manifesting

*  manasah = mind, mental, manas

*  sthiti = stability, steadiness, stable tranquility, undisturbed calmness  

*  nibandhani = firmly establishes, causes, seals, holds


Let life touch you and peel away the layers of limitation and doubt that bind your soul to the tight confines of the known.


Feel your fear and anger so fully that the wind and fire of your feelings is transformed into the light and spaciousness of your true being.


Surrender so completly into the soft, warm sea of feeling that your mind becomes one with the waves and dissolves into the glistening sunlit stream.


Allow the sensations of sitting in stillness to absorb you so fully that a waterfall of wisdom washes away all limiting beliefs, allowing you to wake to your own essential clarity.


Let the spring breeze touch your face so tenderly that the cocoon of your soul opens its multicolored wings to reveal the butterfly of your soft, loving inner being.


Look into the light of your children’s eyes so deeply that you enter their land of enchantement and mystery where your judging mind is left behind completely.


Allow your memories to flow so freely that you sense them as pure energy, awakening from the dream of the past to the power of this moment’s infinite possibilities.


Breathe so fully that every breath is a wave of wonderment cultivating wholeness so complete that no room is left for anything but your essential being.


Surrender so completely to the storm that thunder crashes within your chest and lighting flashes in your eyes, until the clouds depart and softness fills your mind.


Walk through a meadow of wild flowers so enraptured by their color blowing in the breeze that your mind becomes one more blossom in a sunlit field.


Bathe so fully in your own nectar of sensation and feeling that your body is transformed into an ocean of inner healing.


Become so fully one with the setting sun that as the day fades, your mind is set ablaze and finally sets into silence with the sun’s final rays.


Let life touch you, and as your senses awaken to the fullness of your being, your mind naturally rests in its essential equanimity.


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Om Shanti Shanti.