AYURVEDIC YOGA THERAPY. . .Diabetes No More! Arthritis No More!

A suitable environment is one starting point for Yoga Therapy. The next is a connection between the instructor and the client. This is where it starts. Essentially the therapeutics of Yoga involve a fertile ground for self awareness and a change of life style. People are healed, they do get well. They get well when how they live supports their health.


This is not exclusively a movement oriented approach though movement is part of the approach. There is far more to Yoga than just exercise. Yoga has existed through time because it addresses the wholeness of each individual, it provides a fresh perspective as well as practices that help us to live in harmony with natural laws.


Some of the practices involved are body scans, sharing with others, daily routines that support health, diet for body types. breathing exercises, deep relaxation practices such as Yoga Nidra, Asanas ( postures) meditation practices and so much more. It is an experience just to be with the group. What matters most are the benefits of the experience.


In the last series of classes there was one woman who took herself off the list for knee replacements after the third class, another who stated after the second class that she already felt she had gotten her money’s worth and the program had significantly changed her life. One fellow said that anyone would gain from attending this class..


I have focused on people with Arthritis or Diabetes because I know for certain that Yoga Therapy has much to offer to turn these challenges around. I welcome anyone who would like a transformative experience that will educate and gently introduce Yoga and Ayurveda as a lifestyle. This program is designed to equip each client with tools and practices that are practical and attainable. Practices that become naturally a part of ones life in an integrated and harmonious way in a short period of time. After 12 weeks these new skills are ingrained. It works. Local Doctors are now referring their patients to this program confidant that they are in good hands. The program will run in Nanaimo and in Qualicum twice a year in the fall and the spring. Do not hesitate to call even if it has already started as I try to be as flexible as possible. There are morning and evening classes in Nanaimo to accommodate as many people as possible. I welcome anyone to give this a try.

Change your life, embrace your health!

Sandra Sagarmurti Shotton E-RYT 500

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist