Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Classes

Sandra leads us in a journey towards wellness and harmony with her gentle and very precise instructions and recommendations in yoga asanas, breathing, daily routine and lifestyle changes for better health at all levels. She makes it all so easy and attainable, always respectful of our limitations and choices. A change for life!   Rachel Goguen, Nanaimo


“Being a rather overweight male with a restricted range of movement, I have always been intimidated by the thought of a regular Yoga class, despite knowing how desperately I actually need to act to regain some flexibility. I was recommended to Sandra’s course by a friend and decided to give it a try. What an excellent decision that turned out to be! The other people in the session were extremely nice with everyone there motivated and friendly. The course teaches you to become more aware of your body and methods for improving your daily life on an ongoing basis. The exercises were low impact and manageable for everyone in the group.

I learned SO much in during these sessions including techniques I have incorporated into my daily routine. The Ayurvedic way leads one to a place of balance and peace, where your body and mind are in harmony as well as with the world that surrounds you.

Sandra is a superb instructor; very experienced and a wonderful presence in the class. The sessions were fun…this wasn’t something I had entirely expected when I started the course. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to begin a journey to healthiness and happiness..

I hope this goes a little ways to capturing some of my impressions about the course. It really has made a fundamental and profound difference in my life and I look forward to continuing.” Phil Groves, Nanaimo


“It was very enjoyable and comfortable to participate in Sandra’s Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy classes. So much so I made an effort not to miss one if possible!

I appreciated how each class was well planned and each added onto the previous one. If you missed one there was always a sharing at the beginning of the next one by the participants how they made the information practical in the past week so one could catch up if need be. Also the handouts were particularly helpful in educating myself and gave direction for action I could take if desired to enhance my life further with what was shared by Sandra and everyone else.

The exercises were pleasantly simple, relaxing and energizing. They are something I now incorporate into my daily life as a senior for healthful living. Definitely there is a feeling of well- being because nourishment is given for mind, body, and spirit connection for healing. “ Gwen McGregor, Nanaimo


Regular Weekly Yoga Classes

Hi, my name is Connor and I am a student at VIU. I have been practising with Sandra at YogaVista for almost a year now. I started doing yoga about three years ago and like most beginners I was drawn to yoga because of the physical aspects of the Asana poses. Yoga is much more than that, and Sandra was the first teacher who taught me that Yoga is not just done simply for physical exercise, but also for cleansing the mind, so that your true self (soul) can be reached. Her knowledge of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s is incorporated into every class with lessons on the different Petals of Yoga. Lessons on the Yama’s (living with true ethics) and Niyama’s (self-purifications), as well as pranayama techniques (breathing exercises) and pratyahara (sense control/withdrawal exercises). Each week I learn something new from her class. She has a great way of applying these old teachings into a very new practical way, so that everyone can relate to or understand the different Sutra’s or teachings. B.K.S. Iyengar says, ‘confidence, clarity and compassion are essential qualities for a teacher’. Sandra’s experience of teaching Yoga is always evident during class where she gives great demonstartions of the Asana’s and is always helping each individual student in different poses to help them get the full benefit of the pose to their capacity. Sandra is one of the most compassionate person I have met and I believe this is the most important quality that everyone should try to live by. I would recommend anyone young or old to attend one of Sandra’s classes because she has made such a significant impact in my life and I hope that everyone can experience the beautiful teachings of Yoga.    Connor Derry, Nanaimo

“On the advice of my physician, I began to see Sandra Shotton to address a variety of health problems through yoga. I feel that Sandra and yoga have been instrumental in regaining my sense of balance and well being.

Mark Pessin,Nanaimo

I love my weekly yoga class!  I like the welcoming atmosphere where I can learn about the philosophy and psychology of yoga, along with the asanas and pranayama. Practicing with Sandra once a week helps me to take care of myself  thus helping me to live a more balanced life!                          Heather Sanrud,  Nanaimo


“Sandra’s faith in the inherent goodness of life is reflected in her way of being with others, and in turn, when I am with her I am reminded of the great wonder of the world and my journey in it”       Maggie Louise Card, Nanaimo