Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Teacher Training 250hr 500hr

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Teacher Training  250hr and 500 hr

 offered by Sandra Sagarmurti Shotton  &  Faculty of  Island Yoga Vista

Have you been practicing yoga for a while now and are looking for your next step?

Are you a yoga instructor looking for more skills to offer your clients?

Can you see yourself taking your knowledge and experience out into your community

to diverse groups of  people who would benefit from what you know? 

Are you inspired by yoga and want to share it?

Consider joining me for an in depth exploration of what yoga and ayurveda have to offer everyone.

Island Yoga Vistaʼs 250 hr Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Teacher Training  program was born out of 16 years of my own experience and studies and a deep desire to bring this simple clear wisdom to people who might not find themselves going to a regular yoga class.   I have presented this information to hundreds of people over the years and seen their lives change in the most beautiful ways.  The 250hr program is designed to give you all the skills and knowledge you need to do the same.   I will guide you through how to set up your business and make your offering a useful and productive part of your life as you inspire others to bring these timeless tools and wisdom into their lives.   You will learn to work one on one with individuals as well as design and teach group classes for people with health conditions or other special considerations.

The program is designed in 10 modules to make it as affordable and flexible as possible.  You can complete the entire program in one year or you can spread it out over two years.  You can even just take a few of the  modules for interest and not complete the teacher training curriculum.   My intention is to have this appeal to all serious students of yoga wishing to learn more about how to apply this information therapeutically and effectively both in their own lives and to share with others.


These are the basic modules: 

ONE; Introduction to Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

TWO; Ayurveda in General

THREE: Yoga Psychology

FOUR: Meditation Mantras Yantras Mudras

FIVE; Yoga Nidra

SIX;  Anatomy, Physiology and Energy Systems

SEVEN: Ayurveda in Practice

EIGHT; Cycles of Stress & the Kleshas

NINE: Taking AYT into Your Community

TEN: Home Study

 The programs will all be held at the beautiful Saltspring Centre on Saltspring Island British Columbia Canada


As well as myself, Sandra Sagarmurti Shotton, the faculty will include Sannyasins from the Bihar School of

Yoga, an Ayurvedic MD from Jaipur, local Ayurvedic Practitioners and Yoga Teachers.   The 500 hr Mastery level

training will be offered in Jaipur India in 2015 at Chakrapani  Ayurveda under my guidance.

The dates and costs will be announced very soon