An Evening of Yoga & Storytelling with Atmadarshan March 29

Want An Effective Way to Manage Anxiety and Depression without Side Effects?

Try Yoga

A publication from Harvard Medical School and another from the University of Westminster agree – studies show that yoga may positively benefit those with anxiety, depression and PTSD, with only one person in one study reporting any side effects.

A visiting senior instructor from the Yoga Academy of North America can vouch for those results. Sannyasi Atmadarshan (Laura Santoro) has been teaching successful yoga classes focusing on depression and mind management for years. “Students are surprised to realize that simple yoga techniques that can improve mood and energy level,” she says. “Many people know that yoga helps the body but overlook how profoundly it affects psychological health as well.”

Atmadarshan has a degree in psychology and is a published author in the field, having performed research on physical markers for medication response in chronic schizophrenia. She enjoys weaving accessible tips about managing mental health in classes, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings in the US and Canda. She received her yoga name in India from a master teacher who focused on adapting traditional practices for contemporary health conditions.

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, Atmadarshan will be on Vancouver Island for two workshops this month. On March 24, she is at hemma in Victoria, speaking on a guided awareness technique which has been shown to alleviate anxiety, high blood pressure, inflammatory response, and many other conditions. On March 29, she will be at Island Yoga Vista in Nanaimo discussing how classical yogic literature addresses several modern concerns, including depression and anxiety. Both events are open to the public and no previous yoga experience is required.


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