the seer and the seen

by Joseph LePage

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Interpretive Translation by Joseph Le Page – 2.23 The Union of the Seer and the Seen


The union of the seer and the seen, purusha and prakriti, allows us to perceive the nature of each clearly (and to recognize their essential unity).


Commentary: The Union of the Seer and the Seen


The union of the seer and the seen forms a field of learning and awakening, allowing us to perceive both the world and our own inner being with absolute clarity.


As we gain greater clarity, we come to see that the personality with all of its wants and needs is not the destination, but only a means to awaken the seer, our limitless true being.


But the personality has an essential role to play along this journey, providing a relative sense of security that is gradually released as we awaken to the absolute safety of our authentic being.


And each of the joys and tragedies that form our life’s tapestry are part of this process of learning and awakening, like a butterfly’s stages of release that allow it to finally unfold its wings of freedom.


Along this journey there is a natural reciprocity in which we receive exactly the lessons we need while providing others with the experiences that support their awakening.


But to make this journey requires both wisdom and compassion equally, for wisdom guides our way while compassion allows us to see that everyone is seeking unity within the limits of their understanding.


As wisdom and compassion meet, awakening occurs naturally, allowing us to perceive that the satisfaction experienced at the level of the personality is only a dim reflection of the wholeness of our true being.


With a greater sense of our inherent wholeness, we release our compulsive need to do and achieve motivated by feelings of being defective and incomplete that are ultimately just beliefs.


And our deepest beliefs are disguised most convincingly; a sense of unworthiness looks like humility and control issues are camouflaged as self-mastery until all masks are released to reveal our authentic being.


Our spiritual beliefs are the last to leave as we come to see that even our “experiences of ecstasy” are just a release of energy as we evolve from the complexes of the personality to the clarity of simply living.


With clarity and simplicity, the world becomes less threatening, eliminating the need to struggle with or resist the seen, thereby allowing binding desires, anger, fear and suffering to dissolve naturally.


With the release of negativity, we awaken to the beauty of both the seer and the seen while perceiving their essential unity, allowing us to live in deep appreciation at each moment along the life journey.


For unity is our destiny, like drops of water within life’s stream, our boundaries in the form of limiting beliefs are dissolved gradually until we reach the sea of limitless being where all separation is released.


As separation is released, the world outside and our inner being are experienced as expressions of a single source energy, divided into two initially to create the contrast and clarity to perceive our essential unity.


And this union of the seer and the seen is ultimately like a marriage ending, but reversed one hundred and eighty degrees – it begins with the pain of separation and culminates in the honeymoon of unity.