Jaipur India February 2015


Chakrapani Entrance
Chakrapani Entrance

February 16, 2015

Dear Yogis and Friends

It is now mid February and I am well settled into my life here in Jaipur. Most mornings I work at the clinic, Chakrapani Ayurveda, then in the afternoons explore the city and surrounding area. The dry desert air is clear and the evenings still have a slight chill which is welcome after the muggy heat of the south The planning for the second level of the PAYTA training is almost complete. This was the main reason for the trip this year and it has been very successful. I have had the assistance of Dr. Parvathy as well as the support of the other Drs. here to add the Ayurvedic component to the training. We have designed a unique and fabulous program for the graduates of the PAYTA Apprenticeship Level One. I am now 100% confident to bring my group here in February 2016.

P1050730The residence is beautiful, elegant in all ways, safe, quiet and very suitable for the training and purification processes that are part of the program. With the free time I have now I am looking in to other possibilities for the renewal and expansion of what Island Yoga Vista has to offer. Gems for the 8 point pulse therapy are in plenty here and it is intriguing shopping in the markets. I have been fortunate to make good friends here to help me with that. I love India’s warmth and hospitality and plan to bring some of that flavour home as the studio will become a Guest House and retreat centre for world travelers seeking solace in health and wellbeing.

There has been little time for writing so I will have lots to share when I return in a few weeks. The yoga class schedule will continue as usual starting the week of March 6. 2015. Registration will be at the first class though I would love to hear from you all once I am back in Canada and have access to my email. Having a full on fast from anything digital has been cleansing and restful for me though I am looking forward to reconnecting with the world soon.

Warm Wished to all,
With Love